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New Toys at The Ranch!!!

We now have our very own Extractor!…surely making possible more honey processing FASTER.  The old equipment was pretty sad and we had to drive miles to rent it…So now we have our own set up and look forward to being able to process and provide honey to more folks…faster.  We’ve been the happy recipients  of a whole lot of bee keeping equipment.  As people loose enthusiasm for the process, they have found a happy home for their often slightly used equipment.  It’s a lot of work and if you don’t have a lot of hands to help, it can be discouraging.  We have found making a party of the harvest (and other less enchanting chores) is a good way to get lessen the burden and spread the joy.

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Honey Label


Here is the beautiful new label for our wonderful honey.  Sue Kearney, from Magnolias West (, designed it for us.  Thanks, Sue!

We will receive four new queens/colonies on April 13, 2013.  If you are interested in hives/honey, come join us while we move the newcomers into their new homes.  We start at 1:30pm and it should take about 2 hours for this operation.  The newcomes come in a box and will have to be “moved” to their new homes.

Honey Harvest

Hello All:  We will do an extraction of three hives on May 20th…11:00am to 1:00…Newcomers and beginning beekeepers welcome.  Potluck lunch following…Last harvest produced some 200 lbs. of honey…the bees have been very busy this spring and it looks like another bumper crop.  Give me a call at 510-655-2319 or email at the address below if you plan on joining us…email me