Honey Harvest

Hello All:  We will do an extraction of three hives on May 20th…11:00am to 1:00…Newcomers and beginning beekeepers welcome.  Potluck lunch following…Last harvest produced some 200 lbs. of honey…the bees have been very busy this spring and it looks like another bumper crop.  Give me a call at 510-655-2319 or email at the address below if you plan on joining us…email me

What To Do With Abundant Plums

Hi All:  We’ve got a whole lot of little purple plums…an easy way of using them follows

Plum Pie

Filling….pick enough to fill a 4 quart pan/pot.  Clean them and cook with 2 cups of water…cook slowly until the plums get all mushy.  Cool the whole mess and strain it thru a collander.  You should have 4 cups of fruit mash.  Bring three cups of this to a slow boil for 3-5 minutes, dissolve 4 envelopes of Knox Gelatin in the warm mixture, add the remaining cup of cool fruit, add two cups of sugar and cook for another 10 minutes until you are sure the sugar is dissolved. Pour into a crust (chocolate graham cracker/store bought) and top with whipped cream/creme fresh…You can spice up the fruit mash with ….rum/cinnamin/lemon…?  Also, you can use more sugar if you like…I like it somewhat tart…You can use this same method with other stone fruits….try it!  Happy Gardening/Farming


June 19th/Extraction…?

How many centrifuges (or is it centrifugi) do you own?  Well, me too, I also have none.   However, if one joins (as one has) the Alameda County Bee Keepers Association, one can rent a honey centrifuge for a modest $20.00.    Not only have we rented the equipment for our first “extraction”, we have had the benefit of much coaching and encouragement from the lovely folks at ACBKA….We are nubbi bee keepers but enjoying the heck out of it and happy to have joined the community of urban beekeepers.