Fall Garden

The summer garden was great, especially the tomatoes!

The Russian Krim Tomato…best of breed in our garden!

Now, as winter approaches, we have put to bed some of the plots.  They have been covered with cardboard and weighted down  so that the soil can rest  in preparation for next spring’s plantings.  The cardboard will decompose and enrich the soil while keeping the weeds at bay.  The  cardboard/paper should be several (4-6) inches deep…so, save your old newspapers/magazines and layer them on…before March 1st and we’ll need the rain to make this system really work.

Dormant beds resting for spring
The “Dormitory”

Gardens One, Two and Three  have been planted with winter crops  — peas, chard, kales, broccoli, lettuces–that will provide good eating while we wait for spring.  Garden Three has beans climbing up their string supports.  What a great job on the construction!  And in the Greenhouses we have….?????

Back garden with its plastic greenhouses

Here are some beautiful peas using the garden umbrella skeleton for support.  They look really robust and healthy.

The apples Also were delicious this year.  We didn’t get to the pressing, though.  Well, there’s always next year.  For some reason, no one got to these beauties high in the tree.

High-hanging Fruit


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