Garden 2021

Gardens take consistent care…Yes, we’re having a drought…but tomatoes, once they are established, take a very small amount of water. There is really no point in putting in plants if you are not going to tend them…tending doesn’t take much effort, assuming you’ve got healthy soil.   This soil has been tended for 25+ years with amendments of all sorts:  rice hulls,  manure,  coffee grounds, eggs shells, kitchen compost, commercial mulch, etc. etc.   Sad to see these plants go to waste. This soil had been amended, plants fertilized and for a few weeks they flourished…



Tomatoes grown with recycled kitchen/laundry water…And now that they plants are fruiting, we will stop watering altogether.

Bountiful fruits and vegetables take pretty consistent attention.  Without that, there’s really no point…and, one that we look forward to each year.  In November when we are mulching down the tomato beds, it’s done with the anticipation of August’s bounty.

In these difficult times, picking a ripe tomato and some tender, young basil is a simple pleasure…a small reminder of how much is gained by working with nature.

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