New Toys at The Ranch!!!

We now have our very own Extractor!…surely making possible more honey processing FASTER.  The old equipment was pretty sad and we had to drive miles to rent it…So now we have our own set up and look forward to being able to process and provide honey to more folks…faster.  We’ve been the happy recipients  of a whole lot of bee keeping equipment.  As people loose enthusiasm for the process, they have found a happy home for their often slightly used equipment.  It’s a lot of work and if you don’t have a lot of hands to help, it can be discouraging.  We have found making a party of the harvest (and other less enchanting chores) is a good way to get lessen the burden and spread the joy.

IMG_0050 (Small)

IMG_0051 (Small)

IMG_0052 (Small)

IMG_0054 (Small)

IMG_0056 (Small)

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