The Duckee Market Building/Creedence Clearwater Album

For 44 years Ruby and Sherman Lee operated  the Duckee Market at the corner of Hollis and Peralta Streets in Oakland. They were “auntie and uncle” to hundreds of neighborhood kids.  They made sandwiches for people who were hungry and cashed checks for people they knew.  Sixth grade graduation pictures filled the wall behind the cash register.  The Duckee  Market was a neighborhood landmark.


And now:Music Studio

In the 70’s John Foggerty used photos of the Duckee Market and adjacent buildings on the Creedence Clearwater Revival album cover.  The Duckee Market soon became an international landmark.  To this day, people show up looking to find the place where those album cover pictures were taken.

In 1989 the building was sold.  The Duckee endured to the late 90’s when Sherman died and Ruby decided to close The Duckee.  The owner converted The Duckee Building to 4 live/work studios.  Today what was once The Duckee Market houses a musician and his family.   Youngsters come to the work studio for music lessons.   Ruby and Sherman would be pleased.

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