The New Building

There was an old, old single story, single car garage at The Ranch. It was a mess, the roof fell in years ago and the dampness caused the walls to buckle and fall. It defines imploded.   But, storage space being in such high demand in the “urban core”….it  housed old skis, kayaks, bikes, building material, recycling…tons of stuff.

The roofless garage.
The roofless garage.



Ask me in a year if we really needed to save this?...
Ask me in a year if we really needed to save this?…


So after much nagging and badgering…not my favorite; most of the detritus of apartment living is gone. I suspect that I will find some of what was there stashed in available corners, under staircases, etc.

Detritus Maximus
Detritus Maximus

What will come in place of this nasty old storage/garage space will be a gallery (very small) and workshop (also very small) and two tiny living studios…pictures to come…

May 2015 I await the Building Permit…submitted in February!  Oh well, I guess they’re really really busy down at Building and Planning….

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